Translation – Class

Teacher: O.k. class, today we will be translating english to tagalog. Who would like to go first?

Student 1: I will go first mam.

Teacher: I want you to translate "I have a blue book" in tagalog.

Student 1: That’s easy mam. "Meron akong Libro na asul."

Teacher: That’s very good. O.k., who would like to go next?

Student 2: Ako po mam, me, me, right here, I want to go next.

Teacher: O.k, o.k. I want you to translate guy, mother, father, and you, and put in a sentence.

Student 2: Yon lang pala eh, madali lang yan. "Guy" is Ma, "Mother" is mama, "Father" is Tay, "You" is Ka.

Teacher: That’s good! O.k., now put it in a sentence.

Student 2: No problem! Mam, "Ma-Mama-Tay-Ka"

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