Things we learn in Grade School

Chance had it that an Atenean and a La Sallite were peeing in the Men’s Room at the same time. The Atenean finished first and after a quick shake, zipped up and was about to quickly exit. The La Sallite finished peeing immediately after, approached the sink, turned on the faucet, started to wash his hands and hurriedly shot a remark at the departing Atenean — "You must be an Atenean!".

The Atenean replied, "Why yes… you’re right… But aside from the obvious markings on my jacket, how did you know?"

To which, the La Sallite answered rather haughtily, "I noticed – you didn’t wash your hands after peeing. You see, we La Sallites, were taught very early in Grade School, to always wash our hands after we pee!"

And the Atenean replied somewhat sheepishly, "Oh… Well.. You see, we Ateneans were taught, very early in Grade School, never to pee on our hands…"

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