Food for today

A Teacher in an Elementary school loves to cook and every morning she will ask the students what kind of meat they ate after she let them taste whatever she cooked.

1st day, after cooking a chicken, she let the students
taste the chicken meat that she cooked and then asked
the students a question.

Teacher: Class, what kind meat did you eat today?

Students: Chicken Mam!!. Chicken. All most all of them
at the same time.

Next day, the teacher cooked "Beef" then asked the
students the following morning what kind of meat they

Teacher: Class, what kind of meat did you ate today?

Students: Beef!!.. Beef Mam (all the same time again).

The 3rd day she cooked a "deer meat" then asked the
students the same question.

Teacher: OK class, what kind of meat are you eating

Since that is the first time they eat a deer they can’t
tell what kind of meat they are eating. The Teacher decided to give them a clue. Class, I will give you a clue, this is how your Dad call your mom in the morning. One of the students shouted on top of his voice and told his classmates,

Student: Spit it out!!.. spit it out!!.. IT’S AN ASSHOLE!!!… Spit it out!!!….

What do you think ?