Lucy’s Legs

May isang owner ng beer house,then gusto ng owner ang name ng beer house there is a custumer who suggested a name for the beer house:

Custumer: Hey I want 2 suggest a new name of this bar
Owner: Ok ano yon?
Custumer: How about Lucy’s legs?
Owner: Hmmmm…. ok that’s a fine idea

Then a 2 days later binago na nila ang pangalan ng bar to Lucy’s legs. On that night everyone is waiting for grand opening ng bagong beerhouse! Then may mga police who patrolling the place, tapos kinausap nila ang custumer:

Plice: Ano ang ginagawa nyo and why theere is aline up?
Custumer: Gusto namin uminom where waiting for Lucy’s legs 2 open!!!

What do you think ?